Due to the COVID19 lockdowns we are currently staggering our dispatch times. Proforge 2S printers will be back in stock late May. AXIS pre-orders will also be dispatched late May.

AXIS 3D Printer from £99/$125/€115

Dual Material Printing | Wi-Fi/Webcam Interface | Removable FlexPlate | Heated Bed | Silent Printing

Your 3D Printing Adventure Begins Here.

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Proforge 2S 3D Printer Kit

All Metal Frame, Touch Screen Display, 200x300x300mm Build Volume and Removable/Magnetic Flexplate.

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Large Build Volume

A large 200x300x300mm build volume.


Spring steel removable and magnetic print platform.

Touch Screen Display

2.4" Touch Screen Display with SD Card Reader

Dual Switching Extruder for any 3D Printer

The Dual Switching Extruder is also available as a kit for Non-Proforge 3D Printers to reap its benefits:

Two Hotends are mounted side by side at an angle with a high torque servo motor to switch between them.

The inactive Hotend parks on an ooze shield to prevent contamination and oozing whilst the other Hotend is printing.

This setup also removes the need for a priming tower which saves time and material.

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CURA: Makertech Edition

A 3D Printer would not be complete without user friendly slicing software.

We've built onto the leading CURA Slicer profiles and print settings tailored specifically for the Proforge 2/2S.

Simply load your model, prepare and save it to the SD card and begin printing!

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Detailed Assembly Instructions

Detailed assembly instructions with high res images guide you through every step of the way, making building your Proforge easy and fun!

Assembling the Proforge 2 and 2S from the kit gives you an invaluable education on 3D printing and your 3D Printer.

And if you're ever in doubt post a comment directly under the step your having problems with and we'll be sure to get back to you!

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1 Year Warranty

We rigorously test and quality control to ensure you receive high quality components that function the way they were intended to.

However in the slim case you do receive a faulty part or one that was damaged in transit we'll send out a replacement for you right away for up to an entire year after your purchase!

I backed up the original Proforge and I'm super happy with it. Adeel (Makertech 3D Founder/CEO) is very professional and thorough, the campaign had detailed updates and the end result was a kit that was fun to build, with detailed instructions - both written and video and a great end product.

- Alex

Last year, I backed up the original Proforge. Today I now backed Proforge 2S reward (all upgrades).

- Timothy Stark

Another happy recipient. Eyebrows raised by the missus, but I've survived.
Dual extruder and enclosure kits were both present. Everything looks very professional, though I think we were expecting that ;)

- Chris Costello