PROFORGE 4.2 Tool Changer 3D Printer Kit [PRE-ORDER]
PROFORGE 4.2 Tool Changer 3D Printer Kit [PRE-ORDER]
PROFORGE 4.2 Tool Changer 3D Printer Kit [PRE-ORDER]

PROFORGE 4.2 Tool Changer 3D Printer Kit [PRE-ORDER]

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Introducing the PROFORGE 4.2: Our Large, Open-Source, High-Speed  4-Head Tool Changer 3D Printer!

Experience unmatched versatility and precision with this state-of-the-art machine, perfect for all your 3D printing needs. 🌟


Key Updates:

 - New Orbiter V3 Print Head With Dedicated Tool Board

 - External High Power Part Cooling Fan

 - Bed Scanning Probe (Eddy)

 - Updated Enclosure Roof Design


Key Features:

4 Print Head Tool Changer: Effortlessly switch between up to four different materials. NO Purging, NO Wasting, just PRINTING.

✅ High Speed Quad Core-X-Y: Achieve unmatched precision and speed with our advanced motion system. Powered with a dedicated 48V PSU and TMC5160 Drivers.

Lightweight Orbiter V3 Extruder and Hotend (300°C): High-temperature capability with a dedicated tool board and CHT nozzle for superior performance.

Massive 400x300x400mm Build Volume: A spacious build volume, perfect for the most ambitious of projects.

✅ Auto-Tilt-Leveling and Bed Scanning: Ensure perfect prints with automatic bed levelling and scanning. 

✅ Filament Sensors: Stay ahead of print failures with real-time filament monitoring.

Heated Bed (120°C): Optimal adhesion and minimal warping with a high-temperature bed.

Touch Screen: Intuitive control at your fingertips.

✅ Enclosed with Fume Filter: Safe and clean printing environment.

Camera: Monitor your prints remotely in real-time.

✅ Open-Source and Running Klipper: Enjoy the flexibility and power of open-source firmware.



The Proforge 4.2 is a kit machine, please check the build guides here before purchasing.

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