Makertech Edition v2.0.1

A seamless software experience built upon the leading, open-source slicing software, CURA.

Release date: 17/08/20

Quick and Simple Setup

Simply select your printer and away you go! No need to manually create a profile.

Preset Material Profiles

Material profiles with preconfigured temperature and cooling settings.

Preset Print Quality Profiles

Settings designed to give you the best possible prints, right of the bat!


For Windows run through the wizard to install the software.

On mac follow the instructions outlined here.

​System Requirements:

​Operating systems:

- Windows Vista or higher, 64 bit
- Mac OSX 10.11 or higher, 64 bit


- OpenGL 2 compatible graphics chip, OpenGL 4.1 for 3D Layer view
- Intel Core 2 or AMD Athlon 64 or newer
- 205 MB available hard disk space
- 4GB RAM memory

Seamless Integration with the Dual Switching Extruder

Official Ultimaker Cura

The Makertech profiles have been requested to be added to the official Ultimaker Cura list of printers. We're expecting those profiles to be active with the next release.

Makertech Profiles for Cura

If you are already running a version of Cura and would like to add the Makertech profiles to it, you can do so manually. The profiles and instructions are available here.