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Dual Switching Hotend v2

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Dual Switching Extruder v1.2

Dual Switching Extruder v1.2

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Dual Switching Extruder v1.2 for non-Makertech 3d printers.

The quickest and most efficient Dual Extrusion system ever with two Hotends mounted side by side at an angle with a high torque servo motor to switch between them available for your 3d printer.

Two Hotends are mounted side by side at an angle with a high torque servo motor to switch between them.
The inactive Hotend parks on an ooze shield to prevent contamination and oozing whilst the other Hotend is printing.
This setup also removes the need for a priming tower which saves time and material - something that is common in the vast majority of other setups.

If you are installing onto a printer where the gantry is a 2020 aluminium beam, like on the Proforge 2S, then we recommend getting the Tool Carriage & Belt Kit also.

What's new in V1.2:

- Improved tolerance's on metal parts.
- A better matte finish on metal parts.
- Premium quality homing sensor.
- Improved extruder.
- A more reliable thermistor on the hotends.

Hardware Requirements:
- Electronics board capable of running two extruder motors.
- At least one bowden extruder feeder.
- A metal platform for using the included probe.
- 12V/24V power supply for running the included hotends and fans.

Firmware Requirements:
- Latest Marlin firmware with "SWITCHING_NOZZLE" feature.
Other firmwares with servo control may also be compatible, but are untested.

Software Requirements:
- Slicer with dual extrusion support
- Slicer capable of x/y dual hotend offset.

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