Proforge 4 3D Printer - The Large High Speed Tool Changer (Coming Soon!)

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Proforge 4: Spec and Pricing (subject to change!)

Standard Feature Set:
50k mm/s² Acceleration
600 mm/s Print Speeds
4-Motor Drive CORE-XY
400 x 300 x 340mm Build Volume
Print up to 350C
Heated Bed - up to 120C
MIC-6 Ultra Flat 400x300mm Build Platform
Removable Magnetic PEI Powder Coated Flexplate
4-point Auto Mechanical Bed Levelling with ABL Probe
Filament Sensors
Linear Rail Motion
Klipper Firmware
BTT Octopus Pro Control Board
WiFi Enabled
Webcam Monitoring
High Quality Brand Name Parts (LDO, GATES, Keenovo, Omron, Meanwell, BigTreeTech)

Tool Changer with up to 4 Print Heads
Full Enclosure with Fume Filtration
5" Touch screen Display