PROFORGE 3: CORE-XY Dual Extrusion 3D Printer from £399/$559

The High Performance, Open-Source, Desktop 3D Printer with Dual Switching Hotend v2.




The Proforge 3 is designed as a high quality, opensource, CORE-XY 3d printer for the hobbyist and pro-sumer alike.

It is able to effortlessly handle high temp, performance grade materials such as Nylon and Polycarbonate. The default direct drive tool head also makes printing flexible filaments a hassle free affair.

The build volume is a large 300mm cubed space.

It features a 3.5" touch screen display from which you can control prints, adjust settings and even send gcode too!

Also included is a removable PEI magnetic flexplate which allows you to easily remove large and delicate prints.

The Proforge 3 also features automatic bed levelling, filament run-out sensors, power-outage recovery, silent Trinamic drivers (TMC2209) and LED lighting.

It uses linear rails, genuine GATES belts and high precision 0.9 stepper motors for FAST, PRECISE and RELIABLE printing.

The hotend is all metal and equipped with a pt-100 thermocouple capable of reaching temperatures of up to 400C.

Also included is an insulated heated bed capable of reaching 110C.

You can also expect to reach tolerances as low as +/- 0.1mm!

The power supply is a genuine Meanwell 24v PSU and the control board is the new BTT SKR 2.0 (32-bit).

Firmware is the latest openosurce Marlin.

We also have our own version of CURA which makes slicing and loading prints super easy!

Dual Switching Hotend v2:

The power of IDEX printing on a CORE-XY motion system. The new and improved Dual Switching Hotend allows you to print in multiple materials, both independently and quickly.

The system is one of the fastest, and most efficient ways to achieve dual extrusion.

The hotend has two sides, a low temp PTFE lined side that is perfect for low temp, softer filaments such as PLA and PVA. And another side that has an all metal heatbreak and PT-100 thermocouple, perfect for printing polycarbonate and nylon.

The Dual Switching Hotend is also available for non-Proforge machines too!


Complete the look of the Proforge 3 with its full body enclosure!

Also featured is a fume filtration system made up of activated carbon and HEPA filters. This is perfect for filtering out potentially harmful chemicals that your printer may be putting out!

This upgrade is almost a must have on your if you plan on printing high temp and warp prone materials such as ABS/Polycarbonate/Nylon etc.

OctoPrint Wi-Fi & Webcam:

This is an upgrade that you won't be bale to live with out once you start using it.

Start, stop and pause prints over your home network or from anywhere over the internet.

With the webcam you can effortlessly check up on your printer by just picking up your smartphone. Create time-lapses of your prints. And much more via the open-source plug-in repository!

MIC-6 Platform and Mains Heated Bed:

A quick google search will let you know that MIC-6 is the ultimate material when it comes to making a flat platform for a 3d printer.

With tight flatness tolerances you can rest assured you'll have a perfect first layer on a plate full from edge to edge of warp prone ABS parts!

For fast heat up times it's coupled with a mains powered 450W Keenovo silicone heater.

Controlling the voltage is a genuine OMRON SSR Relay, plus a mechanical thermal safety fuse is also used for that additional peace of mind.