Freight Surcharge

Freight Surcharge

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Manufacturing has been completed and all the components for the Proforge 3 have been gathered together and are being prepared to be shipped to us in the U.K.

Due to the pandemic however, we're facing an extreme rise in shipping costs. What previously cost us around 1000 USD to ship from China, is now costing us six-fold, and we are not exaggerating. We had anticipated this to be the case and so, going into this project, increased our budget to 2000 USD — however even this was not enough to make up for the insane surcharges that shipping vessel owners are currently placing on freight.

A direct quote from our logistics provider:
The shipping lines stance is we are moving full vessels, so people are prepared to pay  — so they will not reduce costs at all.

It is again with a heavy heart that we turn to backers to help us cover this final unexpected cost. We understand it's no small thing to ask for more money, in particular after asking for it not long ago for the displays. We do believe this to be our final hurdle. All other aspects of the project have been costed for, and we do not expect there to be any surprises further down the line.

We are looking for £20/$28 to cover the extra cost. 🙏