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Large Build Volume

A large 200x300x300mm build volume.


Spring steel removable and magnetic print platform.

Touch Screen Display

2.4" Touch Screen Display with SD Card Reader


24V 360W dedicated power supply for quick heat-up times and reliable power.


Hard wearing delrin wheels, each containing two bearings and a precision shim. The Eccentric Nut allows you to adjust the tightness at which the wheels grip the extrusions for stable and secure motion.

Dual Z-Axis Motors

Dual Z-Axis motors provide a stiffer frame and better stability allowing for smooth Z-motion and reduced vibrations during printing.

Makertech CURA

A seamless software experience built upon the leading, open-source Slicing Software: CURA.

Available for Windows and MAC.

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Dual Switching Extruder

Two Hotends are mounted side by side at an angle with a high torque servo motor to switch between them.

The inactive Hotend parks on an ooze shield to prevent contamination and oozing whilst the other Hotend is printing.

This setup also removes the need for a priming tower which saves time and material - something that is common in the vast majority of other setups.

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Take complete control of your Proforge 2S. Effortlessly start, stop and monitor prints over your Wi-Fi network with the open-source OctoPi Control Centre.​

The system runs on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ board with the Raspberry Pi camera which is housed and mounted to a swivelling aluminium bracket.

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Proforge 2S - Fully Loaded

Get the Proforge 2S 3D Printer Kit with both the Dual Switching Extruder and OctoPrint Wi-Fi/Webcam Upgrade for £539.00 GBP.

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